**** PLEASE READ ****
Terms & Conditions

  1. I acknowledge, understand, and agree to provide a copy of my valid US Driver’s License to CLR to participate and/or allow my minor child to participate in any ATV/UTV events.
  2. I acknowledge, understand, and agree that by signing this Agreement I understand that riding an ATV/UTV is an inherently dangerous activity and any misuse, horse-play, or weather conditions can cause accidents which may result in serious injury and in some cases even death. I understand, and agree If I’m the driver and seen using a cellphone while operating an ATV/UTV I will be brought back, my ride is over and it’s not eligible for a refund or reschedule. A passenger can record.
  3. I acknowledge, understand, that agreeing to the terms and conditions I voluntarily assume all the inherent risks and dangers of injury or death for myself and/or my minor child as the result of handling or riding ATVs, UTVs, and/or the equipment provided by CLR. 
  4. I agree to release, acquit and forever discharge CLR, its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liabilities, claims for damages, causes of action, demands, costs, and expenses, for injury or damage, either personal or property, arising from or related to my (or my minor child’s) participation in handling ATVs/UTVs and the use of CLR’s property.
  5. Late, no show = NO REFUND, NO RESCHEDULE * if Ranch has to reschedule due to weather (NOT RAIN) there will only be rain checks no refunds* Your fee retains your scheduled date and time. Cancellations must take place within 48 hours order was placed (NOT 48 hours before your appointment) for a refund, no refunds will be issued the day prior or on. No reschedules or refunds the date of your appointment please plan accordingly. If you continue with this purchase, you agree that even if you dispute this transaction, if it is past the 48 hours your order was placed there is no refund. This will prove as evidence that you understand, and agree to the terms and conditions and will be sent to your bank if you’re in breach of this contract.
  6. Charges shown as reoccurring are only due to information being stored for quicker Check out if you choose to book again in the future not because you’re signing up for a subscription. AGAIN YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A REOCCURRING FEE